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My name is Suzi, and I create Gorgeous jewelry inspired by my love of the beach and ocean. I use high quality pearls with amazing Luster and shine. All my jewelry is water and sweat proof so you can wear it all the time, even swimming in the ocean. You can find my Jewelry in shops and hotels all over Hawaii.

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Raw Materials

Our Materials

Half the joy I find in creating customized jewelry pieces is in working with the raw materials to make pieces that are one of a kind - dreamt of by you, and brought to life by my hands and the materials in front of me. 

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Customize Your Piece

Little Sea Gypsy allows you to choose variables like metal color, pearl color, and size.  Here are some helpful definitions that may assist you in co-creating a unique to you design. 

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More About Metal Colors

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​Sterling Silver: An alloy comprised of 92.5% of silver with the other 7.5% of other metals usually being made up of as Copper.  The standard in quality Silver jewelry

Gold Filled: Comprised of a layer of 14k gold, mechanically bonded onto a base metal of Sterling Silver

Rose Gold Filled: The same as Gold Filled, but In this color option, Copper is blended with the gold to give it its rose hue

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Pearl Color

Edison Pearl: Both the Pink and White colors are created when a freshwater mussel is nucleated with a single 'bead' thus allowing the mussel to create one high quality pearl at a time


Tahitian Pearl:  An organically made pearl, primarily cultivated in French Polynesia, namely Tahiti, that is formed from the Black  Lipped Oyster

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Sea Glass

Sea glass starts out as broken pieces of glass that are tumbled and smoothed over years of exposure to ocean waves and sand. The glass loses its shine but gains a frosted appearance. Smooth rounded pieces are chosen in various hues of sea foam greens and blues

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Sizing options of small, medium and large are available for items such as bracelets, cuffs and earrings.  Rings come in sizes 6, 7, 8 & 9.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure what size will fit you best 

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